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Real Money Roulette - A Complete Guide to Real Money Roulette Betting

Roulette is extremely popular and can be played at every land casino in the world. Of course this is also true for almost every online casino too. You can play the game on a variety of devices, including desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Some online casinos allow you to play the game first for free, but if you want to have a chance of a winning streak when you spin the roulette wheel then you need to play real money roulette.

Our writers love a good roulette game so have taken up the challenge to explain this fun and exciting game to you in great detail. We take a look at the different types of roulette games, the types of bonuses you can use when playing roulette, various roulette bets, the odds of winning at roulette and different systems players use when trying to win at roulette. We conclude with a comprehensive FAQ to answer some of your common questions.

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Types of Roulette Games

The three major varieties of roulette games are American Roulette, French Roulette, and European Roulette. The following are the major features of these games.

American Roulette

  • The roulette wheel comprises the numbers 1 – 36, a single zero, and a double zero.
  • The presence of a double zero increases the house advantage of American Roulette.

European Roulette

  • The roulette wheel comprises the numbers 1 – 36 and a single zero
  • Owing to the presence of just a single zero, this variant has a lower house advantage.

French Roulette

  • French Roulette is one of the oldest roulette games.
  • The roulette wheel comprises the numbers 1 – 36 and a single zero.
  • Betting options are fewer.

If you visit sophisticated online casinos, you will notice two special varieties of roulette games, which truly revolutionize the way roulette is played.

Multi Wheel Roulette

  • This is a roulette game with multiple roulette wheels.
  • You can choose the number of wheels you would like to spin and place separate bets on each game.
  • Since you are playing multiple roulette games simultaneously, your chances of winning get boosted.

Multi Player Roulette

  • This is a roulette game that can accommodate multiple players.
  • It enhances the social aspects of playing roulette.
  • While playing multi player roulette, you can chat with your fellow players, view their profits, and even learn new strategies from them.

Online casinos offer dozens of roulette variants. Although based on the standard rules of American Roulette, French Roulette, or European Roulette, slight differences in rules and strategies set them apart from each other. Some roulette games are also associated with progressive jackpots, giving players the opportunity to win life-transforming prizes.

The following are some of the most popular roulette games at online casinos.

  • Mini Roulette

    This variant is ideal for beginners as it has fewer numbers and fewer betting options
  • Double Ball Roulette

    Featuring amazing graphics, animations, and audio effects, this game is based on European Roulette rules, but features two balls instead of one.
  • Lightning Roulette

    Developed by Evolution Gaming, Lightning Roulette is a live dealer roulette variant with amazing audio effects and visuals. In addition to the usual betting options, Lightning Roulette offers bets on lucky numbers with payouts ranging from 50x – 500x.
  • 3D Roulette

    Developed by Playtech, 3D Roulette is a roulette variant rich in graphics and animations. Based on the rules of European Roulette, this game is most popular for its enormous 3D roulette wheel.
  • Immersive Roulette

    A live dealer game from Evolution Gaming, Immersive Roulette features a HD quality video stream with camera angles that shift automatically, good-looking dealers, and a replay of the game in slow motion.

This section would be incomplete if mention is not made of the difference between RNG roulette games and live dealer roulette games. While the former make use of random number generators (RNG) to determine the results of each spin of the wheel, the latter are real games streamed from game studios or land-based casinos. While RNG games are virtual, live dealer roulette games are based on live game play.

Live Roulette

Live dealer roulette games are very popular at online casinos because they give players the opportunity to participate in games that are actually being placed at land-based casinos or game studios from the comforts of home.

Providers of live dealer roulette games stream the live roulette gaming action to players’ devices using sophisticated webcam and video streaming technologies. You can not only participate in these games, but also interact with live croupiers and fellow players using the chat functionality on your game screen.

Roulette Bonus Offers & Promotions

One of the biggest advantages of playing real money roulette online is the availability of roulette bonuses. Roulette-specific bonuses or bonuses that can be wagered on roulette games are few and far between, but they are still available.

Roulette bonuses are rather limited, and their terms impose restrictions on bet types. Moreover, roulette contributes only a small percentage towards clearing welcome bonus offers, reload bonuses, and other types of bonus offers at online casinos.

A number of online casinos offer roulette-specific bonuses to attract roulette enthusiasts. They also design lucrative promotions on RNG roulette games and live dealer roulette games.

Basic Roulette Bets

Roulette is an online casino game with multiple betting options. You can place two major types of bets—outside bets and inside bets.

Outside Bets

Place outside bets to stay on the safe side as they have a bigger player advantage although their payouts are smaller. Moreover, they give you the opportunity of benefitting from the “en prison” and “la partage” rules, which enable you to get back your entire bet or a part of it if the roulette ball comes to rest on zero.

Bet Type



Column Bet

This is a bet placed on 12 numbers in a column.


Dozen Bet

You can bet up to 12 numbers per spin. These numbers can be the first 12, the second 12, or the third 12.


Colour Bet

Bet on the colours red or black.


Odd/Even Bet

Bet on an odd number or an even number.


High/Low Bet

You either bet on the low numbers 1 – 18 or the high numbers 19 – 36.


Inside Bets

These are bets placed on the inside of the roulette table. They have a low player edge, but high payouts. Placing inside bets, therefore, is riskier.

Bet Type



Straight Bet

A bet placed on a single number


Split Bet

A bet placed on two adjacent numbers


Street Bet

A bet placed on a row of three numbers


Corner Bet

A bet placed on groups of four numbers in a corner


Line Bet

A bet placed on two rows of three numbers


Five Bet

A bet placed on the numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, 3 (available only on American Roulette)


Roulette Odds – Your Chances of Winning at Roulette

Before playing any roulette game for real money, you should clearly understand your chances of winning. Roulette is a game with multiple betting options, and each type of roulette bet has its own house advantage. Your odds depend on the roulette variant you are playing, the size of your bet, and the rules governing that particular variant.

If you are determined to improve your chances of winning at roulette, you should remember the following points:

  • European Roulette has a lower house edge than American Roulette because it lacks the double zero and also because of its en prison and la partage rules.
  • Outside bets have a lower house edge, but smaller payouts.
  • Inside bets have a higher house edge, but larger payouts.
  • If you have a conservative playing style, stick to outside bets because you have a better chance of winning them although your payouts will be smaller.
  • If you are an aggressive player who loves to take risks, place inside bets. Your chances of winning them are lower, but the payouts will be bigger.
  • Even money bets such as bets placed on colours, 1 – 18, 19 – 36, and odd/even are the safest because of their low house edge. You have a 50% chance of winning them although the payout is only 1:1.
  • On the other hand, your chances of winning outside bets are roughly around 31 – 32 percent although your payouts will be larger.

Let us now discuss your chances of winning “called” bets or “announced” bets, which are available only in French Roulette and European Roulette. There are two varieties of announced bets—variable bets and fixed bets.

Study the following table to understand your chances of winning these bets.

Fixed Bets

The Neighbours of Zero is a bet placed on 17 numbers that are closest to zero. Your chances of winning this bet are 45.9%. You can win as much as 24:1 depending on the winning number

The Thirds of the Wheel is a bet placed on the 12 numbers opposite the neighbours of zero. Your chance of winning this bet is 32.4% and your payout is a fixed 17:1.

The Orphans is a bet placed on all the numbers that are not covered by the other fixed bets. You chance of winning this bet is 21.6% and the payout is either 17:1 or 35:1.

Variable Bets

The Neighbours Bet is placed on five neighbouring numbers. You have a 13.5% chance of winning this bet.

The Finals Bet is placed on the last digit. Your odds of winning it can be anywhere between 8.1% and 10.8%.

The Zero Game bet covers only the seven numbers closest to zero. You have an 18.9% chance of winning this bet and getting a payout of 26:1.

Roulette Systems – Should You Use Them?

If you are looking for ways to beat the house and make a profit playing roulette, you will come across a number of roulette systems and strategies that claim to be sure fire ways of winning at roulette. But the simple truth is that no roulette strategy is perfect. Each system has its own advantages and disadvantages, and most players use them only as bankroll management techniques.

In fact, the only advantage of roulette systems is that they serve as excellent bankroll management techniques. But you cannot use them to achieve any of the following:

  • Gain definite advantage over the house.
  • Influence the results of any spin of the roulette wheel.
  • Win at a game of roulette.
  • Make a profit.

The reasons roulette systems do not work are simple, and we list them out as follows:

  • Roulette is a game of pure chance.
  • The house has a definite advantage over its roulette players.
  • You may win a prize now and then to make you feel good, but the house always wins in the long run.
  • The results of each game are independent of the results of previous games played on the same wheel.

Real Money Roulette FAQsReal Money Roulette FAQs

The following are some of the frequently asked questions about real money roulette:

If you want to win real money prizes, you have to wager real money on online roulette games. However, if you want to practice playing roulette without risking real money or if you want to learn the rules of a new roulette variant, you can play the demo or free version of the game. If you play the demo version, you don’t have to wager real money on the game. You will be playing with virtual funds and your winnings will also be in virtual money.

The answer to this question depends on where you live and the gambling laws of your country. If gambling is illegal in your country, you will be breaking the law if you play online roulette. If your country has legalized and regulated online gambling, you can sign up at any online casino licensed in your country and play real money roulette legally.

It is safe to play at licensed online casinos that apply the latest encryption, data protection, and anti-fraud measures. Such online casinos adopt strict privacy policies, encourage responsible gambling, and follow KYC procedures. Your money and your personal information are safe at these casinos.

The answer to this question depends on your personal tastes and preferences. We recommend reading reviews of several online casinos and personally vetting each online casino before registering a real play account.

No. You cannot convert playing real money roulette at an online casino into a nine-to-five job that fetches you a steady income. Roulette is a game of chance and should be played for entertainment alone. Moreover, you should use only funds that you can afford to lose to play roulette.

You need to be at least 18 years old or of the legal age to gamble in your country of residence, whichever is greater, to legally play real money roulette games online. Licensed online casinos do not accept registrations from underage players.