Weird Gambling Laws From Around the World

Zoe Walker - EditorZoe Walker - 20 May 2020 in Features
Weird Gambling Laws From Around the World

We recently delved into the most bizarre casinos in Canada and WOW - we certainly discovered some strange premier gambling destinations. We now investigate the neccessary gambling regulation. We can certainly understand gambling laws that come to protect underage or vulnerable players. They are there for a purpose. They make sense. But over the years, we’ve come across some incredibly weird gambling laws that admittedly made us go “WTH?” and they look as if they’ve been thought up for no rhyme or reason.

These are some of the weirdest gambling laws that we’ve come across from around the globe:

Kentucky, US

Weird Gambling Laws From Around the World - Kentucky, US

The Bluegrass State allows you to sue the person that you played against if you lose $5 or more. If you lost $4.90, your case won’t stand up in a court of law, but if it crosses that magical 5 bucks line, you have up to five years to exercise your rights! And if you don’t want to sue the person that you played against, let your neighbor in on the case. A third party can file a lawsuit against the person that you played and lost against and even has the right to recover up to triple the amount that you lost in the original bet. An important point to remember is that the third party can only begin legal proceedings if you haven’t done so within six months of the lost bet.

Oklahoma, US

Weird Gambling Laws From Around the World - Oklahoma, US

Ever had a fantasy of putting on your sexiest lingerie and sashaying into a casino to place a bet? Well, if you’re a man in Oklahoma, go ahead! The law’s on your side. But you’ll need to put that dream to rest if you’re a woman! There’s a strict gambling law that actually prohibits women to gamble in the nude, in underwear or wearing a towel in Oklahoma.


Weird Gambling Laws From Around the World - Japan

We admit that Japan’s anti-gambling laws have us scratching our heads. The country makes it very clear that all forms of gambling are illegal. But then comes up with a big but. It’s basically a case of: “Gambling is illegal BUT you are allowed to play the lottery, you are allowed to bet on horse races, you are allowed to bet on motor sports events, you are allowed to play the traditional slot game, Pachinko in gambling parlors, and of course you are allowed to win gold tokens that can be exchanged for cash.” By the time you finish reading that list, you wonder why the Japanese authorities bothered to think up anti-gambling laws in the first place…

The United Kingdom

Weird Gambling Laws From Around the World - The United Kingdom

The next time you visit the UK, do not – we repeat, do not – be tempted to play a game of poker in a library. The Library Offenses Act of 1898 has very strict prohibitions about what you can and can’t do in a British library, and hanging out with friends around the green felt is just not one of them. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Monte Carlo

Weird Gambling Laws From Around the World - Monte Carlo

In theory, if you’re a resident of Monaco and you’re in the mood for spinning the roulette wheel, you’re probably in the right place. After all, the kingdom has some of the best casinos in the world. But local gambling laws have burst that bubble very quickly. Unfortunately, if you’re a citizen, you’re simply not allowed in to play. (Of course, if you work there, you’re welcome). It’s a tourist only pastime!

Birmingham, UK

Weird Gambling Laws From Around the World - Birmingham, UK

Let’s swing back to the UK to visit the smallest casino in the world. This little beauty is located in the back of a taxi cab! The casino on wheels is home to a dealer, a blackjack table and even a bar. If you want a break from the cards, you can log into the onboard online casino or even watch sporting events from the TV. It’s all a publicity stunt thought up by the local Grosvenor Casino and all revenues are donated to charity, but we thought it was pretty neat, if not a bit weird.


Weird Gambling Laws From Around the World - Arkansas

Anti-gambling statutes are so tough in the Land of Opportunity that businesses that give away novelty toys as prizes need to receive an exemption from the law – just in case it’s construed as gambling. So, you have restaurants like Chuck E. Cheese who are exempt by law from the gambling statutes just in case the free games and toys that they give out aren’t, Lord forbid, considered “the exchange of valuable things”.

South Carolina

Weird Gambling Laws From Around the World - South Carolina

If you have the sudden urge to play a game of poker - or any game that uses dice or cards for that matter – in your toilet, make sure that you have indoor plumbing. South Carolina laws dictate that you may not play any of these games in your barn, in your stable, or in your outhouse. It also mentions that you’re not allowed to play games in your kitchen either. Methinks that it’s time to adapt local laws to reflect a more modern-day set up – where bathrooms and kitchens are actually part of the house and not in some remote out-building. By the way, South Carolina also has a law that forbids churches and charities to charge for raffle tickets.

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