The 5 Strangest Casino Marketing Gimmicks

Zoe Walker - EditorZoe Walker - 23 March 2020 in Features

Most people are attracted to the conventional style and glamor of casinos one would typically associate with buzzing nightlife cities like Las Vegas. A few casinos, however, are known for their less conventional methods for luring customers in. From weird promotions and marketing campaigns to peculiar entrances and gimmicks, casinos have often relied on alternative marketing strategies in order to distinguish themselves from the crowd and appeal to player’s diverse interests.

The following list includes 5 of the world’s strangest casino concepts and marketing strategies, and proves that gambling never has to be conventional or boring.

Although you might not believe it, casinos across the world have drawn from unusual concepts such as underground and basement venues, virtual reality environments that bridge the gap between online and land-based gambling, railway casinos, mile high casinos and even mobile taxi casinos, which provide you with the chance to play while you’re on your way to your next meeting.

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A Haunted Venue

The iconic Bally’s casino in the USA’s City of Sin was once a magnificent hotel known as the MGM Grand Hotel before the latter perished in a fire in 1980. Over 80 people died in the process, rendering this one of the most tragic events in Las Vegas history. The building was subsequently sold and renamed Bally’s, and since the moment it opened its doors reports have been made by guests about paranormal activity in passages and stairwells, strange noises and moving furniture. Bally’s has built up a reputation for being haunted, and it is certainly not shy in using this in order to attract players to its enchanted halls and playing rooms. Most visitors to Bally’s are aware of its history, and the casino’s reputation tends to add to its air of glamor with a touch of stealth and mystery. Few casinos would be able to thrive off the image of being haunted.

Exclusive Basement Experience

It would be difficult to beat the privacy and exclusivity on offer at North Cadbury Court, a stylish 16th-century manor house situated in the English countryside of Somerset. The house boasts over 20 luxury guest suites, as well as a dining room, ballroom, swimming pool and library, while it is a popular venue for weddings, holidays and other events. The best part of it lies in the basement, where you will find a sprawling luxury casino. Owned by the wealthy Montgomery family, the casino can accommodate up to 30 people and is famous for its secretive underground appeal that draws players looking to have some fun in a truly exclusive environment. Some games on offer here include blackjack, poker and roulette, as well as plenty of machine games. Access to the casino is offered when you hire out the manor house, meaning that you can host some super extravagant gambling parties here.

Gambling in the Sky

Although officially no airline currently owns a flying casino, the concept for the Casino Jet Lounge was first put together in 2012, when the design teams Air Jet Design and Designescence first thought about the possibilities for placing a casino in a Boeing 777 plane. The concept is fully planned, but no airline has yet assumed the confidence to put this bold idea into action. The hypothetical Casino Jet Lounge would comprise a bar and lounge, with plenty of tables for games like poker and blackjack, as well as electronic games and slot machines. The closest any airline has come to this is the free casino games you will sometimes find on your entertainment screen, although these are usually for entertainment only and not for cash. In the 1980s Singapore Airlines actually installed several slot machines on its 747 planes, although these were subsequently removed for reasons of practicality. The Boeing 777 plans would be a truly unique draw card for players looking for an alternative gambling experience.

Online Virtual Reality Gambling

The online gambling market has boomed in recent decades, allowing players to enjoy a comprehensive gambling experience from the comfort of their homes. Some online players, however, nevertheless miss the authentic gambling experience one only gains from entering a land-based casino, and it is precisely this gap that SlotsMillion has attempted to fill. By bridging the gap between online and real gambling, the company has invented a brand new dimension for casino lovers to savor. The concept lies in virtual reality gambling, which means that gamblers can navigate a real casino on their computer screen, play games and interact with other virtual reality users. Players must download the application and purchase special 3D goggles, although it is possible to bypass the goggles if you simply download the 3D application. There are over 40 games to play, including a wide range of iconic slots such as Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest and Enchanted Meadow.

Gambling Steeped in History

There are few casinos in the world that can boast an existence of over 400 years. The Casinò di Venezia is the world’s oldest, with a fascinating history dating back to the 1600s, when it was first built in order to limit gambling for the annual Venice Carnival. The casino is still operating today, and capitalizes on its extraordinary past in order to draw players looking to combine gambling with historical sightseeing. The best part of the casino is its canal entrance, which can only be accessed via a local gondola. The casino building is exquisite, spanning a total of 15 000 square feet and boasting over 600 machines and facilities for games like roulette, blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker and Texas Hold ‘Em. The Casinò di Venezia boasts one of the most unique and inspiring casino concepts in the world, and frequently holds local history themed events and marketing campaigns in order to attract tourists to this magical site.

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