The Greatness of HTML5 Casinos – How Did we Manage Without?

Zoe Walker - EditorZoe Walker - 04 April 2020 in Features
The Greatness of HTML5 Casinos – How Did we Manage Without?

HTML5 casinos are online casinos that emerged to keep up with the latest trend in the industry - accessing online casinos from mobile devices. These casinos host games developed on the HTML5 platform that you can play not just from your desktop or laptop but also from a smartphone or tablet.

The online casino has been evolving right from the time it first emerged in 1994. The HTML5 casino is the logical evolutionary step forward as casino game play makes the shift from the desktop device to the mobile device.

Let’s dive deeper into this platform and discuss why it is so great.

The Switch from Flash to HTML5

In the initial days of the online casino industry the only format available was the download format: you had to download the software to your computer and then install it to be able to play. That changed with the arrival of the instant play format, which was made possible by the arrival of Flash technology from Macromedia.

Flash took away the need to download the software by allowing you to launch the casino directly on a web browser and play. The benefits were huge: you were no longer stuck to playing only on the computer in your house; you could play at an online casino on any desktop or laptop as long as it had an Internet connection and was secure. You could play at it from a device running on any platform: a Windows PC, a Mac or a Linux machine too.

There were negatives of course; for instance, the Flash casino wouldn't usually have the full complement of games: that was available in the download format only. But the positives ensured that Flash casinos, or no download casinos as they came to be called stayed relevant. Things changed again when the casino industry took the next giant leap forward by launching into the mobile domain.

The Advent of the Mobile Casino: Enter HTML5

The logical way forward for the online casino was the mobile domain, triggered by the huge popularity of mobile devices across the world. There were devices running on multiple platforms, with the 2 most popular worldwide being Android and iOS.

The advent of the mobile casino brought about issues straightaway; the no download format was still developed in Adobe Flash, and Flash was not compatible with iOS devices! That meant development of a workaround, usually in the form of a native casino app that players on any platform could download, which caused 2 major issues:

  • Additional development cost.
  • Redundancy as the same app had to be developed for multiple platforms.

That was not all; the mobile technology exposed the vulnerabilities that Flash came with, which hackers could exploit. To make matters worse, Steve Jobs of Apple made the vulnerabilities public in a piece titled 'Thoughts on Flash'. The biggest threat was to security, but that was not all; other issues included resource-hungry software, which meant:

  • A huge strain if you were using an older generation device.
  • Massive strain in terms of battery usage for mobile devices.

It was at that time - in 2008 - that HTML5 was launched and this was an alternative that everyone launched on to instantly! HTML5 is the latest version of a language that has been around for ages - the HyperText Markup Language (HTML) - and uses HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript.

HTML5 found instant acceptance, with Apple's Steve Jobs publicly backing it for iOS devices while publicly talking about Flash's inferiority to HTML5 in a publication, 'Thoughts on Flash'. That swayed industry and public opinion hugely in favour of HTML5. Because if you were talking about global acceptance there is no way you could ignore the huge market share that iOS devices enjoyed, secondly only to Android.

HTML5 Casinos: The Positives

HTML5 casinos are the natural way forward, and for multiple reasons. There are numerous benefits to using HTML5. The biggest benefit for operators and developers was that it brought down development time and cost: they just needed to develop one module for all platforms as against individual apps for each platform.

There are numerous other positives of that HTML5 casinos offer:

  • No extra software required for playing different media forms; one browser fits all.
  • Guarantees cross-platform, cross-device and cross-browser compatibility.
  • Simpler and faster game development.
  • Easy implementation of 2D and even 3D graphics with the HTML5 Canvas function.
  • Easy accessibility and fast game loading times.
  • Ability to incorporate features like mobile support easily.
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The superiority of HTML5 casinos over the earlier Flash casino is apparent from one bit of statistic - in 2017 Adobe, the owner of Flash technology (after it acquired Macromedia) itself opted to shut down Flash and push for HTML5.

Devices that Use HTML5

HTML5, as mentioned earlier, enables multi-platform, multi-device and multi-browser compatibility. You can play at a HTML5 casino from any of the following devices:

  • Desktop or laptop - This could be any Windows PC or Mac device.
  • Guarantees cross-platform, Smartphone or tablet - And mobile device running on any of the following popular platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone
  • BlackBerry

A word here: The BlackBerry platform is slowly losing its sheen in terms of popularity, though there are still players who opt to use it. The most popular platform is of course Android, followed by iOS. Windows Phone is still a distant third.

The following browsers enable access to a HTML5 casino:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera Mini
  • Safari

Whatever the browser you use, ensure that it is not too old a version; an older version would not likely support all the new HTML5 tags and functions.

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