How Secure Are Online Casinos?

Zoe Walker - EditorZoe Walker - 03 April 2020 in Features
How Secure are Online Casinos?

Security at casinos in real life is a full-on affair. But what about online casinos? What are the security measures they take into account to help protect both themselves and the players? There are a number of checks that you can do to see how secure an online casino is.

Check if the casino is registered in your region

In some regions of the world, certain authoritative bodies allow registration of fully supported and endorsed online casinos that adhere to the rules of the region. Since these differ from region to region, it pays to take a trawl through the government department website of your region.

For instance, in Ontario, you can browse the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario’s website to see that PlayOLG “is the only online casino that is regulated by the province and the AGCO.”

The same goes for other regions in the world. If these are regionally approved sites they will be registered and documented with the relevant government body.

Check if the casino is registered in another valid region

There are various offshore or out-of-region gaming regulators that let online casinos register their business in that location. Simply because it isn’t in your neck of the woods, doesn’t mean that there aren’t stringent checks the business needs to go through to register - meaning security and fair play audits.

Many online casinos are registered in offshore locations, such as Gibraltar or the Isle of Man. You can check through the processes required to operate an online casino from one of these regions to help give you peace of mind. Do be aware that rules vary from region to region, so read them carefully to see how much oversight each region gives its online casinos.

The Kahnawake region, for instance, provides online gambling licenses to online casinos aimed at players that may be physically located in other regions.

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No registered country or region?

Danger! This casino isn’t safe to play. Time to look for another option.

Check that the casino has third party testing and auditing

Secure online casinos are those who are stringent about testing and auditing of their games and systems. Casinos can register with external bodies that guide them through the test and audit to accreditation.

Gaming Labs, for instance, offers a range of iGaming services to providers such as RTP analysis, live dealer gambling checks, security auditing and vulnerability analysis, Random Number Generator checks, and Vault / Safe evaluation.

When a casino has been accredited in one of these such checks or audits, you will find it on their site - generally with a little logo and a link to their personal accreditation certification. Ensure this is valid - anyone can copy and paste a little logo, but the issuing of certificates and storage will be on the auditor’s side. If in doubt, check with the auditing/accreditation body itself.

Check to see if they are committed to responsible gambling

Any casino that doesn’t care about your safety may not care about your security, either. Casinos should have links to responsible gambling information, exclusion programs, and options to set max deposits or bets per time period. There should also be stringent age verification checks in place.

Responsible gambling regulations are in effect around the world so check that your casino of choice adheres to them. RG Check, for example, is an accreditation that casinos can attain to ensure they are in line with responsible gambling techniques.

Check the privacy policy

Yes, we know that privacy policies are boring, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read over them. Check to see that the online casino you are thinking of gambling with isn’t sharing your details (e.g. name and email address, metadata) with third parties for marketing, security, or other reasons - or if they are, that you are happy with where your information is going.

Ensure the casino is compliant with regional legislation such as the GDPR.

Banking and your account

Dig into the details to see where you account funds are stored. The ideal configuration is each players’ funds in segregated accounts with a reputable bank.

Account security

Casinos should have security checks for passwords such as requiring a certain length and variety of characters, use multi-factor authentication, and never store passwords on their servers in plain text.

Age and reputation of the casino

Like hiring in a job, you want someone with a great reputation and years of experience. This is often a good mental check of the security of an online casino. Read reviews (and try to spot fake ones!) and check out how long they have been in operation. While this isn’t the best way to check for security in particular, it’s a good rule of thumb when handing over your money to anyone.

So how secure are online casinos?

If you pick a reputable online casino that has been around for a while, has multiple, validated accreditations, a commitment to responsible gambling, and most importantly is registered properly in an iGaming region, then you can be fairly sure of security. Do be aware of your own security with password strength and phishing emails to try and gain access to your account. The best security measure for players to take is not to leave thousands of dollars sitting in your account for too long - bank those wins, baby!