The Role of Sound in Casinos

Zoe Walker - EditorZoe Walker - 26 March 2020 in Features
The Role of Sound in Casinos

Sound is one of the chief influencers of human behavior and thought. Any form of sound triggers a response in us, including music. Music shapes and trigger human response and behaviour; this has been proven scientifically. That is why different spheres of industry - most noticeably the online casino industry, the film industry and the retail industry - use music to influence customer behavior and drive the bottom line.

On this page we will discuss in detail how the online casino industry uses music and other audio elements to influence your game play.

The Importance of Music in an Online Casino

Sign up with any online casino and one thing that you will find in equal measure along with other critical elements like the graphics and animations is complementary audio. Casinos have always used music to positively impact player experience. And it is not just the online casino that uses music: it has been there since the beginning, from the time of the land-based casino.

In the early days land-based casinos used live music, in the form of bands and orchestras, to create an amicable and entertaining environment for individual players and also families. Musicians like Frank Sinatra, James Dean and many other musical superstars were regular features at the casino in Vegas in the early days, and that trend continues even today, with greats like Quincy Jones, Celine Dion and many others gracing the stage there.

Live music effectively transformed the casino from a gambling den to an entertainment avenue. Online casinos have picked up from there and use music to:

  • Provide an entertaining ambience.
  • Positively impact player behaviour.

The Science Behind the Impact of Music and Other Audio Elements at a Casino

That music impacts your play at a land-based or online casino is not a matter of theory or conjecture any more; there are studies that prove this fact. A number of studies have been conducted on this subject.

  • Loud music is not enough to create positive impact. A study conducted in the 1960s on the impact of music in the retail industry brought forth an important fact: mere loud music did not have a positive impact on the consumer; more often than not it drove them away! The music had to be the right kind, at the right volume, and material that shoppers were likely familiar with already, i.e. hit tracks.
  • Playing music in the C key. Another study in Finland showed that for music to have a positive impact on players at a casino, it had to be in the C key as it is more subtle and provides a better melodic ambience compared to other keys. In fact, the study went on to show that the C key was able to trigger the brain in different ways and create a feeling of nostalgia, happiness and even euphoria.
  • Type of music. the times of day matters! That is not all; studies have also shown that different kinds of music have different impacts at different times of the day. That is why when you visit a land-based casino, for instance, it is very likely that you will find easy-to-listen music, like lounge or house music, playing during the day, while evenings you would be more likely to hear rock music. Of course, the final call on the kind of music to play is for the casino to make.
  • Music for individual games is important. Another thing to remember; while the general ambience would have music of a certain kind playing, individual games too have their own theme tracks and musical components associated with the different features in play.
  • Using tech to create player profile that includes musical preference. While we are still at the science behind the music at online casinos, here is another important fact to know: many online casinos nowadays use advanced technology and tracking systems to create player profiles based on their likes and preferences, including favorite tracks and responses to different kinds of sound in a game.
  • When it comes to music, age groups matter. At a land-based casino definitive sound effects and music have been identified for different games played by different age groups. For instance, it was found that players in the 45 to 60 years age group liked playing slots that were simple and direct, without too many frills. The younger generation, on the other hand, preferred games of multiple layers and higher degrees of complexity. The musical soundscape, therefore, were tailored to suit these age groups in the respective slot types.

How Online Casinos Use Music and Other Audio

At most online casinos, the overall soundtrack is likely driven by the theme that the casino comes with. So the casino with a Wild West theme would have a very different kind of music compared to what a casino with a beach vacation theme would have as musical content.

Individual games have their own themes and feature-based music too. For instance, a slot like Guns 'N Roses from NetEnt would naturally use only the music from the band as the background track - anything else would make no sense there. A slot like Samba Sunset, on the other hand has music from a completely different genre!

The background track is just one aspect of the music; the other forms of audio play an equally important role. Money is the definitive symbol of wealth; therefore the sound of coins spilling out when you hit the jackpot still remains the one sound that reflects, in the entire online-casino scheme of things, the saying 'music to one's ears'.

Other audio elements, like the sound of gears being shifted or levers engaging, are aural confirmations of physical actions, and they work very well to lend credibility to a game. A game with good sound effects, therefore, instantly becomes more popular than one with just generic sounds.

In Conclusion...

To conclude, music is an integral part of the online casino experience. That is why casino software providers incorporate individual musical elements to each game that they offer. Of course, the choice of using the music to enhance their game experience, or not, rests completely with the player.

That is why casinos also offer the mute option to allow players who don't prefer sound while they play to have as good a time as someone who loves music thumping in the background while playing.

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