About Us

CasinosCA.org is the product of a team of Gambling Professionals whose mission is to do nothing more than provide players with accurate, honest and unbiased reviews of online casinos and their latest deals.

This humble plan is not without a greater significance. Initially, we were bound by an understanding that not enough eas being done in this industry to guarantee that players were getting the truth.

CasinosCA.org seeks to change that. Read on to find out what we stand for, how we’ve turned our vision into reality, and why you can always rely on our service.

Our Goal

Our goal is simple: we want to provide accurate reviews and fair bonuses. And we want to do this in a way that makes it as convenient as possible for all of our players. In our effort to do this we promise to thoroughly evaluate every casino we promote, to try-and-test every bonus that appears on our site, and to only recommend products or services that we know will benefit our players.

What We Set Out To Create

We intend to become one of Canada’s leading providers for the most generous Bonuses, Promotions and VIP Schemes on the market. In tandem with this we hope to set a new standard for transparency and honesty within the industry, especially with regard to our casino and game reviews. We intend to be the one-stop-shop for everything to do with Canada’s Online Casino industry.

Our Guiding Principles

In our effort to maintain the highest of standards, all of our actions are decided based on the values we hold most dear. Every time we decide to go forward with a project, we consider the potential pros and cons of our decision as meticulously as possible. This is the only way to guarantee that what we do is for the benefit of our players, as well as the casinos we choose to promote.

Our values are what guide us. They are not merely buzzwords, but deeply-felt principles which we hope will help propel us to the very top of the industry. Without further ado, this is what we, here at CasinosCA.org, believe represents us as an organisation:


We know that if you can’t rely on our service, you won’t use our service. This is why our team works tirelessly to communicate in an open, honest and effective way. We also have strict measures in place to guarantee that we never promise a service we cannot provide. If we can’t follow up on our promises with decisive actions, we won’t make the promise. This means that everything you find on our site will be current, up-to-date and, as our core value states: reliable.


We take full responsibility for all of the content on our site. The last thing we want to do is deceive our users. This is why we never publish any content that contains glaring errors, or that may lead to equivocation. Deceptiveness is not tolerated here at CasinosCA.org: not from our staff, nor from any casino that might want to partner with us. All casinos that appear on our site have been thoroughly evaluated; all bonuses we recommend have been tried-and-tested.


We guarantee that every area of our site is presided over by a seasoned gambling professional with years of expertise in their field. We know how to spot the best deals. We know which casinos we should work with, and those we should avoid. Unlike on other sites which claim to offer a ‘comprehensive’ list of bonuses from every casino on the market, our list is comprehensively safe - and this is thanks to the rich experience of our employees.


Even if we are enthusiastic about a casino, we always want to remain objective. Our reviews are not designed to embellish the facts, but to state - objectively - what the casino offers and allow it to shine on its own terms. This is all done in our commitment to telling the truth - which can be a hard thing to find within the Online Casino industry.


Whilst it’s our mission to be Canada’s leading Online Casino directory, we know that it is ambitious. We strive to be the best, but that does not mean we are infallible. We cannot know everything, but it is our job to always be aware of our limitations and strive to turn these shortcomings into successes. This means continuously working on our directory to improve our service.


Online Casinos are a place to have fun. The thrill of taking risks and reaping the rewards is all part of the experience. We want your whole journey to be exciting. Our site is designed to make the process of finding your next, favourite online casino a part of the same adventure and not seperate to it.


When you enter our site you are in essence placing your trust in our service. Online Casino portals are quick to say that they have the best casino bonuses, but if every portal claims this, then it’s unlikely to be true. We don’t make any claim without careful consideration. We only claim that we provide the best No Deposit Bonuses, the best Online Casino reviews, and the most convenient way to find the Latest Canadian Casino Bonuses, because we have systems in place which guarantees these results.


In any walk of life it’s impossible to be the best if you’re not willing to put in the work. Our talent for spotting the best Casino Bonuses, for designing a state-of-the-art site, and for getting to the heart of a Casino, would mean nothing if it were not for the diligence of our team. Every day we strive to improve our service in an effort to achieve our mission to be the best Online Casino directory around.


The quality of our service means everything to us. We don’t only work hard on improving our own site to be the fastest and most convenient way to find the latest No Deposit Bonuses, but we make sure that the Casinos we promote reflect our own high-standards with their own quality of service. This means that all of the casinos on our site offer the most generous Bonuses, the most popular Games, a wide-variety of Banking Methods and VIP Schemes that genuinely reward their loyal players.


Our system for evaluating Casinos is in place to guarantee that when we say - with confidence - that a Casino is great, it really is. We encourage any of our users to challenge this bold claim and try them out for ourselves, because we believe we know a thing or two about Casinos. We take on board all the feedback we receive, and we’re always striving to better our site and make it the ultimate place to be for all Casino players.

Loyalty To Users

As we said in the introduction, we are here to redress the balance. For too long Online Casino Directories have worked to benefit Online Casino moguls, to the disadvantage of players. Our service is designed in a way that gives users the freedom to choose their next casino. This means that Online Casinos are placed in direct competition with each other for your patronage. The more competition there is, the better the Casinos have to become in order to compete.


The Online Casino industry is innovative, and you can’t compete as an Online Casino Directory unless you keep up with the times. We have handpicked our team to maximise their creativity. Our site is powered by their ideas, and it’s their ideas that make our directory unique, engaging and - most of all - functional.

What Makes Us Tick

All of the team here at CasinosCA.org have been in the Online Casino industry for a long time. Whilst we loved (and still love) the industry, we became disheartened with the practices of many other Online Casino Portals. Too often it seemed that sites were pushing their own agenda to the detriment of their loyal players. This is not only unfair, but - in most cases - actively dishonest.

There are many sites masquerading as objective. Many sites, even, that claim to have the ‘best’ deals. Yet they make these claims without a guarantee that the bonuses they advertise are safe to claim, nor do they hold rogue casinos accountable when they breach the most basic of ethical standards. This condemns them to being both pimp and prostitute to the darker side of the industry, and tars the rest of us by association.

This is precisely what we want to avoid.

And yet, knowing what we want to avoid is not the same as knowing what we want to achieve. In this regard we have a clear vision. It’s not worth saying that we want to be the most accurate, most convenient and most reliable Online Casino Directory. That would suggest that all of our work is still ahead of us, which is not the case. We have already put in place innovative concepts that elevate us above our competition.

For instance, one of the key issues we identified with other Online Casino portals is that they give no thought to the user’s location. Users would enter the site and find a bonus they want to claim, only to find that they weren’t eligible to sign-up to the Casino. Our state-of-the-art site picks up your location, selects the casinos that accept players from your country, and arranges them in a neat list.

How We Choose Casinos To List

Any bold claim requires evidence to back it up. And so when we say we’re user-friendly, we have the responsibility to clarify on what grounds we work for the benefit of our users.

Every Casino you find on our site has been selected for its excellence. To be regarded as ‘excellent,’ a Casino has to tick every box of our extensive metric for evaluating a Casino’s quality of service.

We evaluate Casinos by grading them using the following criteria:

  • Their Online Reputation amongst past and present players.

  • The quality and popularity of their Games.

  • The variety of Banking Methods available.

  • The fairness and generosity of their Promotions.

  • The Safety and Security Measures put in place by the casino.

If a Casino is able to tick every box within our metric, it is then reviewed and added to our list. Any Casino that fails to pass our grading system is deemed unfit for our users and therefore our site.

Contact Us

We’re happy to respond to any queries about our site, no matter the subject. If you’d like to get in touch, please send an email to us at info@CasinosCA.org and we’ll try to respond within a 24-hour timeframe.

Furthermore, if you have any suggestions on how we could improve the site, we’d we’re open to all proposals. We always like to hear from our users, especially if it helps us to make finding your next online casino all the more convenient.