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CasinosCA.org is not a portal offering online casino gaming services to its visitors; we only offer information about online gambling and the numerous related activities within it. We are not linked to any of the casinos listed on our site in any way whatsoever; we do receive compensation from them for listing them and advertising their services.

While we provide information relating to different online gambling sites and their service offerings, we in no way position ourselves as proponents of the same. We understand the risks associated with gambling, including addiction, and advise anyone with a potential problem of this nature to immediately contact any one of the organizations providing services to help resolve problems of this nature, including organizations like Gamcare.org.

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CasinosCA.org provides news and information about the different casinos and online gambling sites on our site, including information on casino games, bonuses available, and more. All information provided is about gaming services offered by third party entities in the online gambling space. There is no compulsion or manipulation by us for you to sign up with any of the online casinos listed on our website. The decision to act or not act on any information provided here lies solely with you.

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The responsibility of confirming the veracity of information provided by the third party entities on our site rests solely with the visitor. It is also the visitor’s responsibility to go through carefully the terms and conditions of any of the casinos or related websites on our portal that they visit.

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We request all visitors to our website to ensure they do not violate the laws applicable in their local states, territories, or country when they visit any of the online gambling outlets listed on our site. The responsibility to determine the legality of gambling at an online gambling outlet lies solely with the visitor; that is an area that is completely outside our purview.

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