High Roller Casino Bonuses for Canadian Players

There are the regular players who bet normal amounts when they sign up at an online casino, and then there are the high rollers. High rollers are great news for an online casino because they spend big; they bet large and hope to get large returns on their bets. That is why some online casinos offer the high roller bonus.

3 High Roller Casinos + Bonuses

Casino   Bonus Playthrough    
Red Flush Casino C$200 deposit match 30x Bonus
Players from Canada are accepted at Red Flush Casino
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EuroPalace Casino New C$1500 deposit match 40x Bonus
Players from Canada are accepted at EuroPalace Casino
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Mansion Casino C$5000 deposit match 30x Deposit + Bonus
Players from Canada are accepted at Mansion Casino
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More about the High Roller Casino Bonus

A high roller bonus is a special bonus that some online casinos offer. As the name suggests, it is targeted at the high rollers who visit online casinos. These players spend large amounts of money while gambling online with the hope of winning as large as they spend. Usually, casinos offer a big amount as bonus money for a high roller looking to sign up with the casino.

There are also other casinos that offer a neat little package of high value to entice high rollers. The package itself comprises different special offers, each exclusive in terms of quality and high in value. The reason for offering high roller bonuses is simple: the high roller deposits much higher amounts into their casino accounts than the regular players and it is only appropriate to reward them for their generosity with some massive bonus offers.

Tips for Canadians Looking for High Roller Bonuses

While you will see quite a few online casinos offering high roller bonuses, how do you know which are the most appropriate for you? Forget appropriate; how do you know which of them are actually genuine high roller bonuses? Here are a few tips to help you along.

  • Look for reasonable wagering requirements: Always check the wagering requirements when you are searching for high roller bonuses. You will find a number of online casinos that put out a huge welcome bonus and label it a high roller bonus. This is great, but dig deeper and you find the bonus wrapped in so many terms and conditions that the bonus finally would not be of much use to high rollers. A casino with reasonable wagering requirements on their high roller bonus will be a good one to play at.
  • Look for cashout restrictions: Check whether the cashout restrictions make sense. If you are depositing C$5000 and are allowed to cash out only C$200 maximum that would be very odd.
  • Check for special VIP offers: Another thing to check for is if the casino offers a special package or program that makes it worth your while. Things to look for include:
    • Special VIP programs
    • High wagering limits
    • Lucrative cash back programs
    • Customized service

Our List of High Roller Bonuses

We provide you with a list of the best high roller casino bonuses for Canadian players right on this page. All you have to do is click on one of the casinos listed here to get detailed information on the high roller bonus it offers.

Wagering Requirements for High Roller Casino Bonuses

High roller bonuses, like every bonus that an online casino offers, has terms and conditions attached to them. The most significant of these terms and conditions is the wagering requirement. The higher the deposit the more the wagering requirement, as you should know.

As we explained earlier, a number of online casinos hook up unreasonable terms and conditions to their high roller bonuses, thereby reducing drastically the value and weightage of the bonus. There is a way of avoiding this, something which we explained earlier as well.

The high roller bonuses that we list do not have the problems that we listed out. We also outline the terms and conditions for the high roller bonus that each casino offers. The details provided include wagering requirements and also cashout restrictions, if any.

Bonus Codes for High Roller Casino Bonuses

At most online casinos you can access the high roller bonus once you have registered with the casino and deposited funds into the account; funds that are large enough for you to be eligible for the high roller bonus. There are different ways you are informed of the high roller bonus activation once you have deposited the required funds:

  • An activation alert through a pop-up that appears on your screen.
  • An e-mail alert from the casino informing you about the bonus activation.
  • You contact customer support at the casino and get the bonus activated.

A number of online casinos give players a bonus code that they can use to activate their high roller bonus. This code is usually an alphanumeric entity – a code with both alphabets and numbers. Once you get the bonus code you have to enter it into the relevant slot on the casino’s website to activate the high roller bonus. At some casinos you can provide the bonus code to a member of the casino’s support team to get the bonus activated. Failure to enter or provide the bonus code will result in you not being able to use the high roller bonus.

There is another thing to look out for when you are scouting for high roller bonuses, especially at websites apart from the casino website. A few websites have been detected providing invalid bonus codes, usually bonus codes that have already been used. Be very careful, therefore, when you are looking for bonus codes at other websites. Always check with the customer support team of the casino about where to get the bonus codes from; you can also contact the team to verify the validity of a particular bonus code.

The Downside to High Roller Casino Bonuses

There are not too many downsides to high roller casino bonuses, at least not anything that you already have not seen with regular or low roller bonuses.

  • Wagering requirements: These can be troublesome, as discussed earlier, if they are not proportionate to the amount you deposit.
  • Cashout restrictions: Cashout restrictions can really take the chance out of using a high roller casino bonus. When you bet big you also want to be able to win big and use the win amount; the cashout restriction puts a lid on that, which is not a very good feeling.