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Craps is an exciting dice game of chance, which generates a great deal of excitement among players. It challenges players to win money by placing bets on the outcomes of one or several rolls of two dice. Craps comes in two variants—street craps, which happens to be a boisterous game played on street corners in informal settings and casino craps, which is played either at online or brick-and-mortar casinos.

Thanks to developments in gaming technology, playing craps at online casinos is one of the most entertaining experiences Canadian players can have. Players do not have to worry about legalities because it is perfectly legal for them play craps at online craps casinos. If they are playing the game for the first time, they do not even have to wager real money as most online casinos offer plenty of craps games for free.

11 Top Canadian Craps Casinos and Bonuses

Casino   Bonus Playthrough    
Platinum Play Casino 100% match up to C$200 30x Bonus
Players from Canada are accepted at Platinum Play Casino
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Red Flush Casino C$200 deposit match 30x Bonus
Players from Canada are accepted at Red Flush Casino
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Red Flush Casino 100% match up to C$700 30x Bonus
Players from Canada are accepted at Red Flush Casino
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Slots Heaven Casino 200% match up to C$400 40x Bonus
Players from Canada are accepted at Slots Heaven Casino
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Mansion Casino 100% match up to C$500 20x Deposit + Bonus
Players from Canada are accepted at Mansion Casino
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Royal Vegas Casino 100% match up to C$1200 40x Bonus
Players from Canada are accepted at Royal Vegas Casino
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Casino La Vida 100% match up to C$750 30x Bonus
Players from Canada are accepted at Casino La Vida
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GoWild Casino Exclusive C$300 with 150 Free Spins 40x Bonus
Players from Canada are accepted at GoWild Casino
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Grand Reef Casino 150% match up to C$5000 40x Deposit + Bonus
Players from Canada are accepted at Grand Reef Casino
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Vegas Palms Casino 200% match up to C$100 30x Bonus
Players from Canada are accepted at Vegas Palms Casino
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Casino Luck 100% match up to R1400 with 100 Free Spins 40x Deposit + Bonus
Players from Canada are accepted at Casino Luck
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Craps online casinos either offer games from multiple providers or operate on a single casino gaming software platform such as Real Time Gaming, Playtech, or Microgaming. The quality of the craps games available at online casinos depends a great deal on the software that powers it.

Brief History of Craps

The ancestor of craps is believed to be a game called Hazard, which crusaders used to play in the early twelfth century. Sir William Tyre, an Englishman, is believed to be the inventor of Hazard. He named it after Asart or Hazarth, an ancient English castle and played it with his knights.

The game was very popular in England during the medieval times and Geoffrey Chaucer, the English writer, also mentioned it in his famous work "Canterbury Tales." Craps became a gambling game in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, after which it made its way to France.

Nobody knows how craps came to America, but it could have come with French sailors. Once it reached America, it did not take long to reach the South, where its rules were simplified and made similar to the game that is currently being played at craps online casinos. In 1907, John H. Winn improved the game’s layout and introduced a new betting area called Don’t Pass Bets.

Today, craps is one of the most popular games at online casinos, played by players from all walks of life and nationalities.

Craps Rules

Craps is based on simple and easy-to-understand rules. Simultaneously, it is associated with a bunch of confusing bets, owing to which beginners steer clear of the game. Beginners, however, do not need to be afraid of the game as it is really easy to get started with it.

Here are the various types of bets associated with online craps.

Pass Line Bet - A bet placed before the come out roll or the first time the shooter rolls a pair of dice, it is placed on the possibility that the outcome will be either 7 or 11. If the outcome is 12, 3, or 2, players will lose the Pass Line Bet.

Point Number - If the outcome of the come out roll is in the range of 4 to 10, it is known as point number. In this case, the dice have to be rolled again, and this time, players will win their Pass Line Bet only if the outcome is point number. If the outcome is a seven, players will lose their Pass Line Bet.

Beginners need to know only the above two varieties of craps bets. Once they have gotten a hang of the game, they might like to place complex bets such as Don’t Pass Line Bet, Don’t Come Bet, Big Eight Bets, Big Six Bets, Field Bets, Place Bets, Odds Bets, Hard Ways Bet, Seven Bet, Eleven Bet, and Proposition Bets.

Understanding Craps Bets

Craps is a game that is literally loaded with betting options. In other words, there are several varieties of craps bets. Before placing any of these bets, players should understand that each bet has a different house advantage. The craps bet with the highest house advantage is the Any Seven Bet. It has a house edge of 16.67% and a payout of 4 - 1.

Players should study the house advantage of each type of craps bet before actually wagering real money on the craps table.

Odds Bet

Players can play the free odds bet as soon as a shooter establishes the point number. This is considered to be the best bet in craps because its house edge is 0 percent. Some casinos, however, charge higher for this bet. In this case, players should bet lower on the Pass Line and higher on the free odds bet. Players are free to increase, decrease, or remove the free odds bet whenever they please.

Come Bets

Placing a couple of Come Bets along with the Pass Line is the ideal craps strategy. This ensures that you have a bet on three numbers, and most craps experts feel that this is the ideal number of bets to place at any time. Players should always make sure that they place a total of three bets on the craps table.

Bankroll Management

Craps is an exciting game and it is easy to lose track of the game. Before beginning to play craps for real money, players should determine the exact amount they can afford to lose. They should also set a winning limit and quit the game as soon as they have won that amount.

Craps Promotions

Craps promotions at online casinos are very rare, but this does not mean that online casinos never run craps promotions. Once in a while, the best Canadian online casinos in the industry offer craps specific bonuses and run promotions based on craps. Players should stay alert for craps promotions and grab them as and when they come.

No Craps Strategies

Although there is no system that definitely helps players win at craps, there are plenty of craps betting systems around. None of them will help you beat the house. The best strategy is to stick to the low house edge bets. We urge players never to spend money on expensive craps strategies.

Craps Superstitions

Craps is a game of luck, and it just cannot be denied that players need a heavy dose of luck to win at craps. It is a game associated with a number of superstitions, and some of the most interesting of those are as follows.

  • Many players believe that rolling three different dice is bad luck. If the shooter accidentally knocks a die off the table, he will yell, "Same dice."
  • Players are also not supposed to say "seven" at the craps table because it is believed to bring bad luck.
  • Leaving pennies under the craps table is believed to bring good luck.
  • Shooters must not toss both dice into the air simultaneously as it will lead to an unlucky session.

Find a Good Craps Casino

We have spared you the hard work of finding a good craps casino. We have researched all the Canada friendly online casinos out there and handpicked only those that offer the best bonuses, the finest craps games, and the best rewards for loyalty. All the online casinos we recommend are reputed brands that operate under licenses issued in reputed gambling jurisdictions. They allow Canadian players to play in Canadian Dollars and offer the best possible customer care services.