Cashback Bonuses

One thing every player dreads is losing money when playing at their favorite online casino. And losing money is an inevitable part of online casino gambling, or any form of gambling for that matter, because that is where the casino makes its money. So how would it be if the casinos actually gave you back some of your losses? This is actually possible at quite a few of online casinos accepting Canadian players thanks to the cashback bonus.

It is no wonder that cashback bonuses are hugely popular among players regardless of where they are from. And the beauty of the whole thing is that these cool bonuses are available not only to new players but also existing players. Of course, you get the cashback bonus only at certain online casinos; not every casino offers them.

2 Cashback Casinos + Bonuses

Casino   Bonus Playthrough    
Celtic Casino C$100 Cash Back 35x Deposit + Bonus
Players from Canada are accepted at Celtic Casino
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WinTinGo Casino C$500 Cash Back No Info
Players from Canada are accepted at WinTinGo Casino
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But with the overwhelming popularity that this particular bonus enjoys among players the trend seems to be changing slowly. Studies in online casino trends show that more and more online casinos are now offering this unique bonus to their players. Cashback bonuses are not available throughout the year; casinos offer them on special occasions or as special offers. So you could get a cashback bonus on, say, Halloween.

What is a Cashback Bonus?

So let us start by understanding what a cashback bonus actually is. A cashback bonus is a cash reward that an online casino offers a player. What makes it such an attractive bonus is that the casino positions this as money returned to the player to offset some of the losses he may have incurred while playing games for real money. Players are offered cashback bonuses at regular intervals: weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

The cashback bonus is the casino’s way of showing its appreciation to its players for their loyalty and for them spending their money on the games on offer. By offering players a percentage of the money they spent back it tells the players it cares about them; the players always lose money and the cashback bonus allows them to retrieve some of it.

The cashback bonus is a percentage based on the amount a player has lost over a specific time period. At most online casinos accepting Canadian players this bonus is a maximum of 15% on losses anywhere between C$100 and C$1000. Casinos calculate the losses over a particular time period, usually anywhere between a week and 12 months.

Advantages of Cashback Bonuses for Canadian Players

As you may have known, cashback bonuses offer definite advantages to players who get them. The biggest and most apparent advantage is that players get to recover some of the money they may have lost over a period of time while playing real money games at the casino. Because the cashback bonus is a percentage of money spent, the more a player plays the more he is likely to earn as a cashback bonus.

Terms and Conditions Attached to Cashback Bonuses

Like all other bonuses available at online casinos, cashback bonuses also come with their own set of terms and conditions. Players have to fulfill wagering requirements to be able to qualify for a cashback bonus. The wagering requirements differ from one casino to another; players will have to fulfill these requirements within the specified timeframe.

They will also have to meet the time-period requirements that casinos set for players to be eligible for a cashback bonus. Wagering requirement terms are also impacted by the games players choose to play; they have to choose wisely to ensure they play games that contribute maximum towards wagering requirements. The following example illustrates this clearly.

Games like roulette and blackjack do not contribute towards wagering requirements at many online casinos. At these casinos it would make sense for players to focus on games like slots, which contribute towards wagering requirements. Players will also have to fulfill other criteria, including eligible games.