Blacklisted and Closed Casinos

The online casino has become a globally popular and successful phenomenon, taking the gambling industry to new territories and raking in unbelievable profits year after year. Ever since the first online casino launched in the 1990s, there have been online casinos springing up all over cyberspace. Online gambling products in the Internet today include, apart from casinos, poker rooms, bingo halls, and sports books. With so many of these online gambling avenues around, filtering out the good from the average and the downright bad can be quite challenging.

What if you signed up with an online casino hoping to win big and then got stuck when it came to withdrawing your money? Or what if you won and then found that the casino had shut shop? These are actual horror stories that many players have experienced. There are actually online casinos and other gambling premises of dubious reputation that can bring down your winnings to zero, or cause trouble when it comes to withdrawing. It therefore becomes necessary to list out the bad ones so players are warned about playing at these casinos.

On this page we talk about bad casinos and actually put out a list of dubious casinos on our blacklist. We investigate negative reports about casinos and tell you the problems you could face when playing at these casinos. This blacklist is continuously updated so you get the latest information whenever you check in on our site: there are some casinos that actually work out their issues; these casinos are then taken off our blacklist.

Our List of Blacklisted Casinos for Canadian Players


The Need for Maintaining a Blacklist

From what we have talked above, you know that there is a general need to blacklist casinos. It is a big help for a player who is starting out new or even someone who has already been playing but looking out for a new casino to know about the ones to stay away from. Forewarned is being forearmed, as they say. That is why we maintain our blacklist.

There are a number of reasons that could get an online casino or any other online gambling outlet blacklisted. Research indicates that the most common reason is a delay in releasing a player’s winnings. In some casinos this may be because of some genuine issue, in which case the player talks – or sometimes we talk – to the casino’s management and the issue gets resolved. In most other cases, however, it is something else: the casino does almost anything that it possibly can to hold on to the player’s money – his deposits as well as his winnings. The different reasons offered usually are:

  • Inaccurate or inaccurate documentation
  • Insufficient player information provided
  • Failure to meet bonus requirements, though the terms may themselves be vague

As we mentioned, sometimes these reasons may be valid, but it certainly cannot be valid enough for everyone so much that it becomes a trend. Then these casinos come into our focus. They may come into our line of vision because of their activities or because of player complaints to us or other forums. Sometimes an online casino may just delay or refuse to pay; any evidence of that and they are on our blacklist before you can say bingo!

There is another reason that gets a large number of online casinos on our blacklist. This one is not vague or far-fetched but very practical: inefficient or bad customer support. Every player likes a quick response when they approach a support executive with a problem or a query. When that doesn’t happen it gives a bad impression about the casino to the player. And when that not happening becomes regular or a pattern, players complain and the flags go up.

But that is not reason enough to blacklist a casino: you do not tag someone as bad just because they took time to answer your queries. There are a lot of other things that come into play as well:

  • Delayed turnaround times
  • Slow processing of payouts
  • Insufficiently trained staff
  • Staff with low knowledge levels about casino-play elements

Other reasons why we would blacklist a casino include, among others:

  • Presence of contextual ad programs: These could be the source of malware that could infect your computer or device.
  • Failure to fulfil promotions offered: Some rogue casinos offer mouth-watering promotions only to back out when it comes to fulfilling them once you have signed up for real money play.
  • Improper or no licensing: Some rogue casinos obtain licenses from jurisdictions that are not recognised; there may be some that do not even have proper licensing agreements in place.

Our Main Blacklist Categories

We maintain our blacklist by being actively involved with forums and online communities within the industry that work towards exposing and listing rogue casinos. Because of our involvement with these communities and forums we are able to detect pretty early any online casino that comes with a dubious reputation or is indulging in malpractice. That is a huge benefit for our Canadian players because they know in advance the casinos they should never think of playing at.

All the online gambling outlets on our blacklist are categorised broadly into 3 categories:

  • Rogue Casinos: These are dangerous and it is a bad idea to even visit them. You run the risk of being scammed and worse if you sign up with them, or even go to them.
  • Proceed with Caution: As the phrase suggests, you have to be very careful when you are at these casinos. They do not come under the rogue category directly but players have had different negative experiences while playing at these casinos, including delayed payments.
  • Under Investigation: Casinos in this category are being currently investigated by our team for their services. It is highly possible they would make their way into the blacklist but there is also the possibility that everything turns out okay and they are accepted as legitimate player-friendly casinos.

One thing you should know: we are very thorough when it comes to investigating a casino for suspicious activity. All these casinos are tested rigorously on whatever front we find complaints against them. Only after we are completely satisfied that they are doing something wrong do we blacklist them. We try and ensure we are fair in our assessment; that is why we liaise with multiple forums and communities – all credible and known – when it comes to investigating a casino.

If you feel we have blacklisted a casino unfairly or are promoting a casino that is an ideal candidate for the blacklist, don’t hesitate to let us know. We will conduct a fair, open, and thorough investigation and then take the necessary steps.

Closed Casinos for Canadian Players

Blacklisted casinos are only one part of the story when it comes to shady casinos. There are a number of online casinos and other online gambling outlets that have closed down over the years. The reasons for closing have been various and may not even be related to indulging in shady practices. We feel it is our responsibility to let people know about these casinos: that saves them time and also a lot of frustration.

There are different reasons why these casinos may have closed operations for Canadian players:

    A number of them catered to American players and had to shut shop to avoid the backlash of governmental action after the passing of the UIGEA in that country. Governmental action could be because of 2 major reasons:

  • Problems in processing of transactions
  • Fear of prosecution by federal agencies

There are other reasons as well for these online casinos closing down. A major reason is a negative economic environment; this has caused a number of casino operators to trim their operations by closing some of the casinos on their roster. Some casinos are closed down because their parent companies have been acquired by other companies. The new owners then move their players to their online casinos and shut the other sites.

Whatever the reason, a casino closing shop is a fact that the casino industry understands and acknowledges. We feel it is imperative to let our players also know of this information. That is why list them for you to check.

Our List of Closed Casinos for Canadian Players