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Welcome to CanadaOnlineCasinos, the leading resource in the world for Canadian players looking for the best casinos to play at. We are not just a website: we are the best repository of content related to all things casino for Canadian players. When you come to us you get the latest information on the top casinos for Canadian players, the most secure online casinos, the casinos with the best promotions, and all else that you need to find the casino that works best for you.

We bring to you only the best online casinos for Canadian players: casinos that are fun, secure, entertaining, and offer a fantastic gaming experience overall. Ever since we launched operations in 2002, we have striven to be the best and bring to you information that is updated and relevant. We use our years of experience to make choosing the best casino an easy and exciting experience for you.

We follow a detailed and rigorous process to list the best online casino, poker, bingo, and sports betting site for you to choose from. Our decade and a half of industry means we have seen it all: the good ones, the ugly ones, the bad ones, the surges, and also the falls. Our team of experts uses its enormous experience in the industry to research, analyze, evaluate, and finally list our recommended casinos.

We learn from experience, they say, and our experience in the industry has taught us well. We have a feel of the player’s pulse and know fairly well he could be possibly looking for at an online casino. Our recommendations are based on the choices we have seen player’s make over the years and also on detailed research and analysis.

This knowledge is what drives everything on our site – from the layout and structure to the actual content. Our site is designed for different categories of visitors – from those who want to take a quick look before deciding which casino to play at to those who actually stay longer and browse through our content in depth to get in as much feedback as possible before making their decision.

There are a lot of things on our site that you may not get at other casino information and review sites. One of the most unique elements on our site is our casino bonus database. It is unique and it is also comprehensive. The thing with bonuses is they always look great on the home page; it is only when you get to using them that the problems start to crop up. That is where we stand apart from the rest; we dissect every bonus at every casino and examine it in detail. This enables us to not only list the bonuses but also bring to the surface the terms and conditions and any hidden minefields they may have.

We work ceaselessly to ensure you have a safe and profitable gambling experience when you sign up with any of the casinos you see on our site. All you have to do is come to our site, go through the information we offer, take an informed decision on the casino that works best for you, and sign up with it to start playing.

And in case you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to get in touch us; we will get in touch with an answer immediately.

Our Team

Levi Jordan: Managing Editor

Levi Jordan brings with him years of experience in this field, experience that helps us immensely in putting together the best online casino information based on your requirements. He is the guy that ensures we stay ahead of our competition in terms of the quality of reviews, news, promotions, and gaming sites that we recommend.

Levi is armed with a degree in Economics from a prestigious English university and a degree in communication in Canada. Initially involved with a small dot.com start-up in the 1990s he has, over the years, been involved with launching and running countless websites.

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