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The online gambling industry has exploded across the globe over the years since its inception. There are different countries where online casinos are extremely popular, and one geography where this is an undeniable fact is Canada. Gambling has been almost a part of the Canadian life; and when there is an avenue to gamble comfortably from the confines of your home, you know that is a home run. That is why you all the leading online casino operators offering their services to the Canadian market.

What makes these online casinos even more popular is the fact that they customize their offerings to suit the Canadian way. Each of them have some of the most popular land-based slots in their game range, which is a huge advantage in terms of making the player feel comfortable and playing familiar games. Players can transact in Canadian Dollars, which is another huge advantage. They also get access to banking methods that are popular in Canada and convenient for Canadian players. Using alternative banking methods like NETeller allow players to pull out their winnings directly to their Canadian bank accounts.

However, given the large number of online casinos that are there today, how do you figure out which is the best? How do you zero in on a casino that fits your requirements perfectly? That is where we step in. We list for you the best online casinos for Canadian players.

Top 5 Canadian Casinos

  1. All Slots Casino
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    All Slots Casino offers 2 bonuses: 100% welcome bonus up to CAD1600 and a CAD30 free No Deposit Bonus with 30 Free Spins.

    480+ Instant Play Games Paid out in 24-120 hours Android Supported iOS Supported
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  2. Platinum Play Casino
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    Platinum Play Casino offers a 100% welcome bonus up to CAD200.

    472+ Instant Play Games Paid out in 24-48 hours Android NOT Supported iOS NOT Supported
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  3. Casino Mate
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    Casino Mate offers 2 bonuses: 100% welcome bonus up to CAD1400 and a 30 Free Spins with no deposit needed.

    450+ Instant Play Games Paid out in 24-72 hours Android Supported iOS Supported
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  4. GoWild Casino
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    GoWild Casino offers 2 bonuses: welcome bonus up to CAD300 and a 50 Free Spins with no deposit needed.

    250 Instant Play Games Paid out in 24-48 hours Android Supported iOS Supported
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  5. Gaming Club Casino
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    Gaming Club Casino offers a 100% welcome bonus up to CAD350.

    452 Instant Play Games Paid out in 24-48 hours Android Supported iOS Supported
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What do we offer you, the player?

The best thing for you is that you get updated information, analysis, and listings of only those casinos that work for Canadian players. There are quite a few online casinos that accept Canadian players but are not customized to suit their requirements; you will not find them on our list. You've come to the right place for...





Why Come to CasinosCA.org?

We are not only about listing top casinos for Canadian players; we also provide you with detailed reviews on the best bonuses available on the internet.

Our mission is to be the single updated information database of all things casino for Canadian players. We carry reviews of top and new online casinos, the lowdown on the top casino bonuses available, the latest information and reviews of new online slots and other casino games, and also the latest trends in online casino gambling. Apart from all this, we also provide you with all the important information from the online casino industry.

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About CasinosCA.org - The Info Matters

Officially in January 2015, CasinosCA.org is the leading information repository for Canadian players looking for the best online casinos to play at.

What makes us unique is the fact that our database of information about online casinos is created by players for players. That means you have as much right as any other player to provide your reviews of the online casinos you have played at and liked or not liked. All players have their say, and that is the best source for determining how an online casino actually is and taking a call on which one to play at.

Finding a New Online Casino

Your source for trusted Canadian Online CasinosIn a world with a mind-boggling number of high quality online casinos, how do you find the one that is just right for you? And finding that one casino is important, because otherwise you may be stuck with a casino that looks great and all that, but one that you are not comfortable playing in. You can find the casino that works for you by checking the casinos available for different parameters, like security, game range, trustworthiness, and more.

Here are a few parameters to check for while picking the best casino for you to play at, regardless of whether you are a newcomer to the world of online casino gambling or a veteran:


Gambling Licence

You must ensure that the casino is properly licensed, and in the right jurisdiction. This is critical especially if you are living in a country where casino gambling is regulated. For Canadian players it makes sense to ensure that the casino you are looking to play at is licensed in the UK or any of the other major licensing jurisdictions. Playing in an online casino with an Canadian license can be a bad idea given that there is strict regulation banning operation of online casinos in Canada. There is, however, no regulation banning Canadian players from playing at overseas online casinos.


Casino Software

Check for the software powering the online casino you are looking at. A casino running on major software like Microgaming, Playtech, or NetEnt will always offer a better experience than one running on software from a small-time provider.


Game Range

One of the most critical parameters is, of course, game range. It makes sense to play at a top online casino with a large cache of games, instead of at one with a small bouquet. A bigger game range gives you more options: you could play the slots, or at the live casino. You could opt for sports betting, horse racing, bingo, scratch cards, or whatever game that is your favourite.


Bonuses and Promotions

Different casinos offer different kinds and amounts as bonuses and promotions. Ensure that the casino you are looking at has some good bonuses and promotions. The welcome bonus is the starting point to a good casino experience, so ensure the casino has a good welcome bonus. The best option would be a casino that also offers a no deposit bonus, as that allows you to play for a while in real money mode without using your own bankroll.



Security is the biggest concern for all when it comes to selecting an online casino. Everything is done on the Internet and you do not have anyone to talk to face-to-face; that can be quite worrying. Casinos also recognize this concern; ensure that the casino you are looking to play at offers a completely secure environment through use of at least industry-standard security technology like digital encryption.


Payment Options

Check the range of payment options - deposit and withdrawal - that the casino supports. Almost all online casinos will support secure and reliable payment methods like NETeller, Skrill, and others; what will work for you is an online casino that also supports payment methods like POLi that are locally popular in Canada.


Language and Currency

Check whether the casino you are checking out supports Canadian Dollars, because that will save you the hassle and fees associated with currency conversion. Language support is important too.


Customer Support

Check out the level and efficiency of customer support at the casino you are shortlisting. Good customer support is one of the vital cogs of a good online casino experience. You do not want to have to wait for hours or days for the casino to get back with answers to your queries or solutions for your problems.

When you come to CasinosCA.org, you no longer have to do all of the stuff that we listed above; we do it for you! We not only check the casinos for all the parameters mentioned above but also have in place for you a unique online casino comparison tool that allows you to compare the offerings at different online casinos with just a few clicks. All you have to do is enter the different major parameters, like game range, bonuses, software, payment options, location, and more and then click Find Matches. We then provide you with a list of casinos with matching details.

We are not only thorough but also safe and completely reliable. We list only those casinos that have a valid gambling license that allows them to offer their services in the target jurisdictions legally. Select your location and we provide you with a list of licensed and regulated casinos from your country.

Ensuring Safety at Online Casinos

It is critical to ensure your transactions are always conducted safely and securely; this becomes even more important when playing at an online casino. Casinos recognize the value players put on safety for their transactions. That is why they have steps in place to prevent illegal activities like fraud and money laundering.

Following the items on the checklist below ensures complete safety for your money and also personal data when you are playing at an online casino. Whenever you are playing at or looking to play at an online casino check for:

  • Gambling License Logo: Check the footer section of the online casino you are at for the logo of the licensing authority that granted the gambling license. This is a requirement that all online casinos must fulfil. You can click on the logo to check for its authenticity and also for licensing details.
  • SSL Encryption: A green indicator to the left of your browser’s address bar indicates the casino is using secure socket layer (SSL) encryption technology. This is industry-standard technology that guarantees safety for your transactions.
  • Responsible Gambling Policy: Ensure that the casino you are looking to play at has an authentic Responsible Gambling policy. Things to check for in the policy include the presence of self-exclusion clauses, defined deposit limits, and take-a-break policies.

Ensure that you do not get caught up in the web of gambling addiction. We are very particular about this; betting for a fun and entertaining experience is one thing, but betting compulsively is not healthy. We are only too glad to help you find the best casinos to play at, but we do not want to do this at the cost of your financial and personal well-being.

Responsible Gambling

Gambling responsibly is critical to ensuring a fun, entertaining, and at the same time healthy online gambling experience. Ensure that you do not go into overdrive while placing your bets. Understand that it is normal to lose games or hands at an online casino; you cannot win every time. If you are losing frequently, learn to cut your losses and back off instead of trying to win back all you lost by placing bigger bets; you could lose even bigger and be a victim of gambling addiction.

You may not be aware of the signs and symptoms of compulsive gambling. This is because the signs are not obvious: what may start out as an attempt to win a few hands more than you lose could rapidly escalate to a gambling problem. Go through the Gamblers Anonymous Gambling Checklist to be aware of the symptoms before you start playing. And more importantly, learn to back off when you see even one of these symptoms manifesting in your game play.

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